i heart freaks and geeks

hi eveyone!
we started a new totebag series inspired in the iconic "i heart ny" logo. hope you'll enjoy it.

here are three of our latest totebags:

this prints are also available as t-shirts.
please contact us through e-mail (freaksandgeeks.idontigiveadamn@gmail.com) and check our flickr for updates.


i am a bird now

birds. birds. birds.

bird necklace

bird doll

bird to hang on walls, christmas trees or door nobs.

holy stamp



teenage antoinette

cameo necklace
brooch with pink vintage lace
black cameo earrings

brown cameo ring


never land in a hunting area

a side
b side

swimming gear

a side

b side

both a-sides of the totebags are available as t-shirts. please e-mail us.